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Thanks for stopping by Baseball Cards A To Z, your home base for all things baseball cards. On our site you'll find all the best collector information and resources. Take a look around the "dugout" for line-drive links to baseball card values, player statistics, blogs and articles, baseball card photos gallery, forum and more. If there's a certain baseball card you're looking for, feel free to check out our heavy hitting store featuring real time listings from multiple vendors. You're sure to hit a homerun there.

For a very knowledgeable and concise article outlining rare baseball card collecting 101 and how to determine the value of rare baseball cards, feel free to check out the article below. Enjoy!


Antique and vintage baseball cards are of great interest to thousands of sports card collectors and historians who devote their lives to all things related to baseball. Baseball card collecting is one of the many hobbies out there that involves individuals paying sometimes large amounts of money and time to get their hands on specific cards and card sets that are very valuable.

Truly rare baseball cards are very, very hard to find, let alone possess. The most avid and dedicated collectors realize this and as a result will not part with valuable cards in their collections without considerable motivation.

If you're interested in starting a baseball card collection, the best way to locate and collect very rare baseball cards is to constantly make yourself aware of cards that are entering the market and cards that may be changing in value for whatever reasons.

Most collectors look for cards among specialized dealers or other collectors. They also buy and sell them on the internet, frequently on Ebay since there is generally a wide sampling of cards and card collectors on that auction site. Rare and vintage cards can also be purchased from major baseball card shows that are held across the country yearly. Such shows are prime venues for collectors and dealers to interface and for beginning collectors to learn the ropes of baseball card collecting.

Rare and antique baseball cards don't have set prices and values attached to them, which makes collecting them a unique and secular hobby that rewards the most knowledgeable of collectors. Generally baseball card values are determined by how much other collectors and dealers are willing to pay for them. These amounts are mainly governed by how old the card is, the overall condition of the card, whether it is autographed and whether it is from a limited edition set. By and large, the condition is the most important baseball card pricing factor. However, rarity and scarcity will always trump condition for very hard-to-find cards. Some cards that are really, really rare and old can be worth tens of thousands of dollars no matter what condition they're in.

Market demand also plays a significant role in determining baseball card prices. Often times a collector will pay far more than a card is worth or far less depending on how many people are interested in it. In these cases all other factors influencing the price of the baseball card tend to be far less important.

If you want to determine how much your baseball card is worth, a search on Ebay can be very helpful in figuring out what collectors are willing to buy or sell it for. Auction sites are also the best place to sell or buy baseball cards whether or not they are vintage cards or antiques or simply popular modern sports cards. Many lots are available that offer unsearched, unopened boxes of cards that may contain a very special and valuable card. These lots are very appealing to baseball card collecting treasure hunters and quite fun to go through.

Collecting rare and vintage baseball cards is a fun hobby that goes back many, many decades. We hope our site here at Baseball Cards A To Z will be helpful and informational for rare baseball card collectors and baseball memorabilia hobbiests. Thanks for visiting!

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Rickey Henderson Baseball Card
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Jumping Joe Dimaggio Card
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Honus Wagner Baseball Card
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Carlton Fisk Baseball Card


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