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Cards to kids – Donate your used baseball cards

Donate. Spread the joy of opening a pack of cards to children who would otherwise not get the chance. Donating is easy and means so much. Donate cards »

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Baseball card - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A baseball card is a type of trading card relating to baseball, usually printed on some type of paper stock or card stock. A card will usually feature one or more ...

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How to Donate Sports Cards | eHow

Contact Collectibles with Causes via its website to donate your sports cards that are valuable. This organization sells valuable sports cards and donates the money to ...

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Donate Collectibles to Charity - Collectable Donations ...

Donate sports memorabilia, comic books, antique furniture, music instruments, celebrity memorabilia and classic car donation to charity. FAIR MARKET TAX DEDUCTION

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Baseball (card game) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Baseball (or in some early editions, "Batter-Up Baseball") is a card game simulating the sport of baseball, played with special cards and a diagram of a baseball diamond.

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